April 12, 2013

In This Mode: Latest Release “THE UNTITLED 1”

A darker collection of work exploring the themes of death, birth and the space in between the two. Life is  a continuous stream and birth and death happen as events on the stream. One always leads to the next, in order for something new to be born something old needs to die. Our willingness, or lack of it determines how much we can enter into the great cosmic flow of life and live up to our highest potential. It has nothing to do with being good or bad right or wrong it has to do with being who we really are. As a species we often act in ways which would suggest that we don’t believe there is such a thing as a cosmic flow in life from which we all originated and can draw nourishment from. Instead we see each other as competition for a limited set of resources which must be fought over and often killed for, how else would it be possible for us to exploit each other and the Earth if this were not so. What would it be like I wonder if we could die to the scarcity consciousness that breeds greed, envy, fear and hate? And be born to the consciousness that breeds compassion, generosity, acceptance, abundance and trust?

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