New Wave Revolution

The Revolution is Here……Ride the Wave…..
Theres a Warping in the image
Every time I look at you
Distorted lens
The filters on from generations through and through
Get ready for the future
Cause here it comes
A Revolution of the mind
Here it comes

Many times I have found myself feeling like an alien on this place called Earth and thought myself to be completely alone. What I have seen over the years however is that I am not, that there are many of us that feel this at one time or another, that we don’t fit, perhaps at times we feel we have to change to fit in or that there is something wrong with us the way we are we should change the way we are to be ok. A kind of false existence can result, we try to change who we are to fit in but find that even if we are accepted under these circumstances that we are more unhappy than ever.

Then of course comes the time when a change comes, maybe it is forced on us or we choose it (or both), however it comes it can rock our world and all thats left to do is to ride the wave until we land on some unknown shore. As we ride we may find that there is actually something awesome about the wave and where its taking us. It could be we actually know that place and that the “ocean” is made up of our blood sweat and tears.

When we land on that new shore not only are we free from the past but we come to know ourselves for the first time.

This is the New Wave Revolution, it takes us back to ourselves, and there is no better place to be than with yourself, ‘cause if your not there your nowhere. An album influenced by the music of the “New Wave” movement of the late 70’s and early eighties.