Vocal Lunasea

Its my obsession
Past life regression
It all comes from the time before
How can I trust you
Just what did you do?
Don’t know what I see anymore.
We are addicted to being addicted. We’re obsessed with obsessions. Our society is largely made up of ways of either supporting or recovering from one sort of addiction or another.
Kinda screwed up. Seems if we can find out what causes that stuff in the first place maybe we could prevent it….maybe not….
Its not really living, but we think it is, moving from one addiction to another from one obsession to another, all of it designed to take us away from something we don’t want to
feel. Thing is though the thing we don’t want to feel is where the real life is. So if your not living that one then…. you must be living one thats not real.

Let the Wolf in and unlock the door

The addictions just keep the real you, the wild you hidden and suppressed.

Get real.